Service is Our Business!

Here's just some of our services we offer you...



The dreaded Check Engine Light, sooner or later, we all will experience it. We feature the latest in computer diagnostic tools and know how to accurately diagnose each and every vehicle properly. 


Brake service

Whether it’s an antique or a new vehicle, we have the tools needed to handle every brake system repair. From brake pads to ABS diagnostics, we've got you covered.


Battery & Charging

A weak battery or alternator never wait for a good time to go bad. Stop in for a battery & charging system check up to see if yours is up to the task of handling todays vehicles electrical demands!


Tune up

Keep your car running efficiently! A properly tuned engine will provide greater fuel economy and longer engine life. We sell and install the best ignition and tune up parts to help keep your car in tip-top shape!


Heating & Air Conditioning

There's no doubt that when the A/C goes out on a hot day it makes for a miserable ride. Keep cool with professional A/C service with us! We will help ensure that you stay comfortable in your vehicle no matter what the temperature outside is!

engine repairs

From timing belts to oil pumps, we install the right parts to ensure your engines health and longevity!


Maintenance services

The most important service you can perform on your vehicle is maintenance. Air & cabin filters, tire rotations, coolant flushes & transmission fluid change, these are just some of the services we offer to keep your vehicle at peak performance.


Tires & wheel services

We sell and install all major brand tires at competitive prices to fit every budget. We also perform wheel balancing, Tire Pressure Monitor System diagnosis & repair, wheel bearing replacement & much more. Need a new wheel? We can help with that too!


Suspension & Steering

Safety is a key factor in all we do. That's why its important to perform regular checks of your vehicles steering & suspension systems. Loose ball joints, worn shocks and struts & loose steering components can all compromise you and your vehicles safety.


Classic Vehicle Services

We specialize in classic vehicle repairs and service. Keeping your classic or antique vehicle road worthy is our top priority. Ask us about your specific needs!